In connection with the enactment of a medical services contract dated since January 23, 2018, between: “Unavita” Ltd. with UIC 204472648 and with an address of the management in city Sofia, region Slatica, neighborhood “Reduta”, postal code 1505, str. “Velcho Atanasov” № 55 and Specialized Hospital for active treatment in oncology “St. Mina” Ltd. (BALO “St. Mina”) with UIC 10153900 and with an address of the management in city Blagoevgrad, postal code 2700, str. “Vasil Levski” № 62 a clinical trial of two dietary supplements (“Anosohip” and “ Votalek plus”) was registered and approved for use by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) with certificate № 280 from December 11, 2017 and certificate № 1414 from June 29, 2018. For the purposes of the contract, a group of 30 patients with various oncological diseases, hospitalized and dispensed in BALO “St. Mina” in city Blagoevgrad, was selected after signing an informed consent declaration. The target group includes: patients with breast carcinoma cases (7 patients), colon cancer (6 patients), cervical cancer (4 patients), primary liver cancer (4 patients), lung cancer (4 patients), testicular cancer (1 patient), gastric cancer (2 patients) and prostate cancer (2) in different stages of the disease. Each of the examined patients, along with the routine chemotherapy and / or radiation, was added the dietary supplements “Anosohip” and “Votalek plus” within 60 days (3 packs of each containing 60 capsules) according to the given intrusions and the recommended daily dose.

Periodically, every 20 days after completion of the dose of dietary supplements “Anosohip” and “Votalek plus”, a blood sample (blood vein) is taken from the patients through a standard venipuncture procedure (a total of 3 times of blood sample). The collected blood sample is subjected to centrifugation of 4,000 rpm for 10 minutes in order to separate the blood elements from the serum. The tested serum is divided into aliquot portions and stored at – 20°C until the moment of analysis at SMDL “Ramus” in Sofia. The following biochemical parameters are observed: full blood analysis (PKK), ASAT, ALAT, GGT and alkaline phosphatase (AP).

SABLO “St. Mina” in Blagoevgrad during the examination, provided to “Unavita” Ltd. with a disease history of each patient without any personal data that could reveal the identity of the patient, such as names, address of living, and an ID Number but only an abbreviation for codes so that can be made relationship between the history of the disease and the blood sample of the appropriate patient.

On the basis of the blood tests made after the 20 day reception of the two dietary supplements “Anosohip” and “Votalek plus”, it can be concluded that 70% of the patients have a decrease in the values of the biochemical index like ASAT, ALAT, GGT and AP compared to the previous ones, and after 60 days of reception of the same, 40% of them have been drastically reduced and / or in the normal range of those parameters. In case of leucopenia it has been associated with drug induction, secondary viral infection or bone-brain problem.

In the remaining 30% of patients, there is no change in the above mentioned indicators (elevation) even after three months of with “Anosohip” and “Votalek plus”.


July 9, 2018


The Manager of SABLO “St. Mina”

d-r. Georgi Georgiev