About Us

UNAVITA is EU based pharma R&D company, focused on research and development of a new lifesaving remedies. Our scientists and researchers are experienced pharma experts, known as inventors of outstanding active pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients, writers of scientific papers and university lecturers. We have on our disposal well-equipped, highly sophisticated and certificated laboratories and manufacturing facilities to finalize our products according to the highest required standards. Our products are not "just another chip dietary supplements", but unique, sophisticated, with high efficacy and patented products you can not find anywhere else.
The best way to be convinced in our claims is to try our products.
To advance a reaching out to the market, UNAVITA welcomes a partnership.


Our research, development and production of advanced pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements are designed to improve the live and to protect the health of the people in a modern world.


Integrity: to conduct our business honestly within applicable laws.

Excellence: to pursue innovative and high quality products.

Respect for people and environment: to respect all people and maintain an environmental sensitive.

Through our products we have ambition and strive to provoke discussion and attention in the public space towards the natural forms of protection of human health.


Our Company strives to promote new pharmaceutical products and environmentally friendly food supplements that are relevant to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of socially significant diseases.


Assoc. Prof. Petia Genova-Kalou, Ph.D

Ph.D. Virologist

Head оf NRL „Rickettsiae and cell cultures“
Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Sofia, Bulgaria
Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Biology,
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrei Chorbanov

PhD. Immunologist

Laboratory “Experimental Immunology”
Department of Immunology
Institute of Microbiology “Stefan Angelov”
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Assist. Prof. Dr. Maya Zaharieva

PhD. Pharmacist

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Institute of Microbiology,
Department of Immunology, Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Dr. Jonuz Rizvani


Organic Synthesis,
Chemistry and Natural Preparation